How much does a Private GP appointment cost in Aberdeen?

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The cost of a private GP appointment in Aberdeen can range from £60 to £880. This price will vary depending on the clinic you choose to attend, the services you access and the overall length of your appointment. A basic private consultation with a GP can cost as little as £60, with more complex health checks and screenings costing up to £880.

Is this your first time considering making an appointment with a private GP, instead of your usual NHS service? If it is, you will probably have some questions surrounding the cost of an appointment, and how these costs may vary between clinics. In Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and the surrounding areas, there are five clinics which offer private GP services. In this article, I will discuss the different private consultations and services available to you in Aberdeen, alongside the costs at each clinic.

How does a private GP appointment differ to an NHS GP appointment?









Seeing a private GP will not have any effect on your registration with an NHS practice. You can move between the two as often as you like. If you wish, your private and NHS GP can work together to coordinate your care.

In terms of the purpose and aims of the appointment, both private and NHS appointments involve the same steps. You will discuss your health and any problems you’re having with the GP. You may undergo a relevant examination by the doctor. Finally, the appointment will conclude with a plan of action for going forward – this may be a diagnosis, a treatment or further investigations.

Although the aim of the consultation does not differ, a private appointment will usually give you more time to talk with the GP. All the private practices in Aberdeen offer appointments which are at least 15 minutes in length, giving you more time with the doctor. In addition, the clinics also offer services which are not available via an NHS GP, such as medicals and health screens.

What kind of appointments can I choose from?

doctor and patient








In Aberdeen, private clinics offer a variety of appointment types, which you can tailor to fit your needs. The BUPA Health Clinic offer health screenings and checks which are not widely available on the NHS, while Alpha Health Services focus more on Occupational Health.

If you are looking for some advice about a new problem, or perhaps a pre-existing condition, you can book a face-to-face consultation with a private GP at the BMI Albyn Clinic or ROC Aberdeen clinic. These appointments can range from 15 minutes for simple problems, up to one hour for more complex or challenging cases. These extended appointments allow you time to discuss in-depth with your doctor, without feeling rushed or under pressure. If you’re unsure how long an appointment you require, contact the clinic to ask for their advice. They will be able to advise how long they think would be suitable.

Not all private appointments have to be face-to-face. Private clinics may also offer patients the chance to speak to a GP over a video call or by telephone. Video appointments mean you can see your GP without attending the practice. This can be helpful for those who live in more rural locations without a GP practice close by. The ROC Aberdeen clinic offer telephone appointments at the same rate as their face-to-face appointments, and also have an email advice service which makes them accessible for people who may live in more rural areas of Aberdeenshire.

Aberdeen has strong links with the Oil and Gas Industry, which may mean you are looking for an appointment specifically related to working offshore. This could be a pre-work medical, health surveillance or a return to work assessment. All of the clinics, apart from the BUPA health centre, offer OGUK regulated medicals for those working offshore.

How long is a private GP appointment?

Unlike your usual NHS practice, private clinics don’t have standard ten-minute appointment lengths. All of the private GP clinics in Aberdeen offer at least 15-minute appointments as standard.  An exception is the ROC Aberdeen Clinic, which offers a 1-hour consultation with a GP.

The length of appointment you need will vary. The appointment length will depend on what services you require and how much you need to discuss. If you are looking for a repeat prescription or a simple enquiry, you may only require one of the shorter 15-minute appointments. Short appointment times are available from all of the clinics below. However, if you have multiple conditions to discuss, or require a blood test, you might require one of the hour-long appointments to make sure everything is covered. For services such as the BUPA health screens, and offshore medicals, the length of these appointments is predetermined by the clinic organising them.

So, how much does a private GP appointment cost?

GP appointment cost in Aberdeen







Again, like the length of appointment, the price of your consultation is linked to what you are looking to get out of the consultation and how long the appointment is. If you are looking to have tests done, or onward referrals, these will increase the cost of your appointment.

The ROC Aberdeen Clinic

The ROC Aberdeen Clinic offer GP consultations from 15 minutes to 1 hour. The appointment fees start at £95 for the 15-minute appointment and finish at £295 for a 1-hour long appointment slot. They also offer a telephone consultation service for £95, alongside an email advice service for the same price.

BMI Albyn Hospital

BMI Albyn Hospital offer quick and easy access to private GP appointments. 15-minute appointments are available for single problems at £65, with a standard 30-minute appointment priced at £100. They also offer appointments with a women’s health specialist GP. These appointments are £150 for a new patient and £100 for a follow-up appointment with an existing patient.

BUPA Health Centre

The BUPA health centre based within the Blackberry Clinic, offer a range of health assessments. These assessments range in length and price. The most comprehensive checks can last for over 2 hours with a 60-minute consultation with a doctor. BUPA do not provide pricing for each of their health checks on their webpage. If you are interested in attending for a health assessment, you should contact them to book an appointment. You will then be able to ask them the price before you attend. Prices can range from £180-£880.

The Aberdeen Health Centre

The Aberdeen Health Centre offer both private GP consultations and a wide range of occupational health appointments. Occupational services include offshore medicals, pre-placement assessments, health surveillance and return to work. There is no pricing information available on the website for these services. However, if you are interested in any of these you should contact the clinic directly via their webpage or by telephone.

Alpha Health Services

Specialising in occupational health, Alpha Health Services also offer both private GP consultations and occupational health services. They offer DVLA and OGUK medicals, travel vaccinations and advice, and private immunisations. For more information on their prices and availability, you should contact them directly.

Is Vaila Health an option for me?

If you are in Aberdeenshire and looking to make an appointment with a private GP, then Vaila Health may be an option for you.

Our online video consultation services allow you to see an experienced GP online in minutes without having to leave your home. Our video consultations are priced at £45 and are 10 minutes in length. Prescriptions, referral letters and sick notes are all available during video consultation and prescriptions can be picked up from any UK pharmacy.

 We are pleased to announce that soon we will be able to provide clinic services to Aberdeen and the surrounding area. These will include face-to-face GP consultations, health checks and vaccinations.

In summary







The cost of a private GP appointment in Aberdeen and the surrounding area varies between £60-£880. The price is dependent on the services you may require during the appointment. It also depends on how long you need to spend with the doctor. The most expensive appointments are for health checks and medicals because they include many tests and examinations. Some clinics also charge add-on fees for some services. These include letters, prescriptions and referrals which may increase the price you pay. If you are unsure about pricing, or which appointment length to book, you should contact the clinic and ask for their opinion.

Would like some more information about the price of a private GP consultation? Or would you like to ask any other questions about private appointments? Feel free to pop us an email to We look forward to hearing from you!
Dr Darcy Wilson
Vaila Health |
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