How much does a Private GP appointment cost in Glasgow?

gp appointment cost in glasgow
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GP appointment cost in Glasgow

There are several private practices in Glasgow, with the fees for a basic appointment ranging between £65 and £300. The variations in price can be due to the clinic you book with, the length of the appointment, and the services you access during your consultation.

At Vaila Health, we know how important it is to be happy with your healthcare provider and that the large range in prices can be daunting if it is your first time booking a private appointment. You may feel anxious about making the correct decision when booking. In this article, I will detail the variations in appointments, how these impact on the cost of an appointment, and examples of prices for some of the Glasgow clinics available to you.

How long is a private GP appointment in Glasgow?

gp appointment cost in glasgow







In Glasgow, the standard consultation length at most of the clinics is 15 minutes. An exception to this is Williamwood Private Clinic who offer a 20-minute appointment as their standard length. An extended consultation length of 30 minutes is available at all the clinics. This extended length is ideal for those who have more problems to discuss, or more extensive medical histories.

HCA Healthcare go beyond the 30-minute appointment extension and offer 45- and 60-minute appointments for those who need to spend longer with the GP. It should be noted that as the length of the appointment increases, the fee also increases. A 60-minute appointment with HCA healthcare is £300.

A standard NHS appointment which you may be used to is 10 minutes long. Some surgeries may allow you to book double appointments, but most on the day consultations are limited to 10 minutes. If you find that there is not enough time in these appointments, to fully disclose and discuss your problems and concerns, then seeing a private GP may be the right move for you.

 As I previously discussed, the standard private GP appointment in Glasgow is longer than a standard NHS appointment by at least 5 minutes. With a private GP, there is also the option to book extended appointments, if you feel that the standard appointment will not give you enough time. It is also worth noting, that if it is your first visit to a clinic, they may ask you to make an extended appointment to allow time for the GP to familiarise themselves with your health history.

What kind of appointments can I choose from at a private GP in Glasgow?









The advances in technology we have experienced in the last decade, have allowed healthcare to evolve and adapt. This means that being able to talk to your GP doesn’t always require a visit to the clinic. Most private GPs now offer online video consultations and telephone appointments. There are four private clinics which offer video or telephone consultations in Glasgow. These are Glasgow Medical Rooms, Clinica Medica, Williamwood Private Clinic and HCA Healthcare.

A face-to-face consultation is perfect for discussing new or more complicated problems. Most people are comfortable with these sorts of appointments, as they are what is standard throughout the NHS. An in-person consultation also has the benefit of allowing the doctor to conduct any examinations or test on you that may be required. All the private clinics in Glasgow offer in-clinic appointments, with some offering same-day appointments where required.

If you would like to see your GP but are struggling to make into the clinic, a video consultation may be the perfect solution. Clinica Medica and HCA Healthcare both offer online secure video consultations for the same price as a face-to-face appointment. If you are unsure if a video consultation is the right choice for you, why not have a look at our blog: Face-to-face Vs Online GP Consultation.

Telephone consultations are useful for quick questions and straight forward problems, which can be answered without examining someone. A phone call may also be a good first step, prior to attending to see a doctor in person about a problem. Williamwood Private Clinic, HCA Healthcare and Glasgow Medical Rooms all advertise telephone consultations. However, the consultations are shorter than the standard private face to face appointment lengths. If you think your appointment will require more than a 10-minute chat, a telephone consultation may not be right for you.

So, how much does a private GP appointment cost in Glasgow?







The big question: how much does a GP appointment cost in Glasgow? The answer is not simple, because the appointment fees can vary depending on the length of appointment, any tests you may have done, the clinic you are attending and if you require a prescription or referral. Most clinics have additional fees for letters/referrals/prescriptions, and tests such as blood tests and heart tracings may also cost extra.

GP Matters

GP Matters are a private GP clinic in Glasgow. They offer 15- and 30-minute face to face clinic appointments, costing £80 and £120 respectively. Prescriptions during a consultation are free, but you can also order a prescription outside consultation for £20.

 Glasgow Medical Rooms

Glasgow Medical Rooms, located in the heart of Glasgow, offer a range of 3 appointment lengths. A 15-minute appointment costs £80, followed by a 20-minute appointment at £100, and 30-minute appointed at £120. Telephone consultations are charged at 10-minute pro-rata for £60. They also offer the opportunity to make a 15-minute appointment with a nurse, for £60.

Clinica Medica

At Clinica Medica, the prices of face to face and telehealth (video) consultations are the same. The fee for a 15-minute appointment is £65, and a longer 30-minute appointment is a £100 fee.

 HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare offer a variety of consultation lengths to suit your needs. They have 15-, 30-, 45- and 60-minute consultations available. A 15-minute consultation starts at £75, increasing by £75 per extra 15 minutes. The 60-minute appointment is their highest fee of £300.

 Is Vaila Health an option for me?

doctor and patient








If you are in Glasgow and looking to make an appointment with a private GP, then Vaila Health could be an option for you.

 If you think that a video or telephone consultation would suit your needs, then Vaila Health can offer these services to you in Glasgow.  Both our video and telephone consultations cost £45, and we are able to provide online prescriptions to your local pharmacy anywhere in the UK.

Although we do not currently have a clinic in Glasgow, we will soon be able to provide clinic services within the Glasgow area. These will include private appointments, vaccination services and health checks.

In summary

There is no easy answer. However, we hope we have given you a guide to the private GP appointment cost in Glasgow. The fees can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the appointment length, the clinic you book with and any add on services you may require. Once you know the length and type of appointment you are looking for, you should be able to decide which clinic would suit you best. If you have any doubts or worries, don’t be afraid to contact the clinic to discuss these.

If you would like some more information about the price of a private GP consultation or would like to ask another question about private appointments, feel free to pop us an email at: We look forward to hearing from you!

Dr Darcy Wilson

Vaila Health |

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